The works that are featured on this website are just a few of the many I’ve created in my life. These are just the few that I am able to freely demo to the public, however, I encourage any of you who may be interested in hiring me for any web design, development, or interactive content please contact me and request a preview of my latest projects.

I fell in love with Web Design after I wrote my first HTML page and published it at the age of 10. Since then, I began writing websites, hosting forums, and creating apps for friends. I got my first part-time job working with a company as a sophomore in Highschool, and was never not working in the industry all throughout college. I began working with creative agencies in college, working directly with clients mainly creating custom templates, themes, and plugins for a variety of CMS (WordPress mainly). I then got my first full-time gig at a Creative Agency known as ‘Creative Street Media Group’. Here we developed eLearning courses and a variety of websites and single page apps. I developed a custom LMS framework that drove all of our courses from that point, while also developing interactive courses. I love creating interactive content, as it really stimulates both my design and development sides.

Beyond that, I have proven myself to be an extremely unique and valuable asset to every company I’ve worked for. I’m sure any of my supervisors, and coworkers would love to share their experience. One theme that my previous employers found very valuable in today’s industry, was my ability to not only apply my profound user interface design and user interaction insights to every project, but also my programming capabilities to take a simple concept or idea every step of the way to production-ready stable code.

Unlike many other designers and developers, the web doesn’t stop when I leave work. I truly love the modern web, and challenge myself everyday inside and outside the workplace to research, learn, and apply new cutting-edge technology and libraries.

I’m also extremely passionate about web security, and spend a lot of time reading and backward engineering many 0day web exploits and malware. In fact, I single-handedly scanned, cleaned, and secured a handful of extremely corrupted WordPress installations at my previous creative agency employer. I’ve actually developed my own ‘security toolbox’ for WordPress, XSS testing, and SQL injections. I’ve also been monitoring the new web standards, such as web sockets and server-side javascript, for potential exploits, and have tipped off many library developers in the past before these exploits were discovered by the wrong people.

Lastly, I am a huge advocate of ‘clean code’, and have lead seminars at previous employers to other designers and developers. I think writing clean code is extremely beneficial not only for code reusability and scaling, but it also extends past engineering and has a positive effect on the workplace in general. A lot of the techniques and ideologies behind ‘clean code’ can be applied to every field, and can help standardize and organize small to large teams.